Truck RailRail for secure and efficient cargo restraint.With adhesive type rails, additional frameworkfor rail installation is unnecessary.Simply apply adhesive and then attach.Steel Rail/Aluminum RailAluminum Truck RailTR-S-ALHP/OMaterial AluminumWeight(kg) 4.0Length(mm) 3,000Aluminum Cross RailTR-CRAL-HP/OMaterial AluminumWeight(kg) 3.7Length(mm) 3,200φ6.5Steel Truck Railwith screw holes (Φ6.5)TR-SHP/OMaterial SteelWeight(kg) 8.3Length(mm) 3,200(φ6.5)116516193252.618181313250φ6.5φ6.5Steel Cross Railwith screw holes (Φ6.5)with screw holes (Φ5)with screw holes (Φ6.5)TR-CRS-HP/OMaterial SteelWeight(kg) 7.7Length(mm) 3,200(φ6.5)50.861.2 (50)50.8 61.2 116 9313(2.6)1321818Use in tandemn with lashing beltswith dedicated end fittingfor improved work efficiency131.55695433318.2511451612550φ550 50.8 61.2 51.4 62.8 95.5114131.5 1813.51839

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