Partition for Refrigerated VansSeal Tight InsulationWear-resistant protectors forma tight seal on the floor and wallsresulting in excellent temperaturecontrol performanceThree layers consisting ofurethane foam and high-strengthplastic creates a strong andresilient partitionAbsolute temperature controlthru partitioning means both chilledand frozen items can be loadedin the same truck at the same timeAssorted LoadingTriple Layer StructureEasy InstallationThe CoolMaster is custom madeto fit your truck's internal dimensionswhich makes it easy to installin any desired position.Increases transport efficiencythru diversified operationHigh Operational EfficiencyThickness75mm50mmWeight(kg)3022Size2,000mm×2,000mm2,000mm×2,000mm※When placing an order, please specify the correct internal dimensions of your truck body.Thickness50mmWeight(kg)13Size2,000mm×2,000mmOptionCM-NACenter Fold TypeCM-SESplit TypeCM-NFCM-SFCB-NACenter Fold TypeCB-SESplit TypeFan1Ventilator2Notch3Air circulator ideal forassorted loading separated by partition.Fan cover attached to back room side is standard.Front room side fan cover is optional.12V/24VEquipped withthermostatBlower typeWith 1.5~4mcurl cordStandard typeGallery Type※This fan does not guarantee precise temperature control.※Option part for CoolMaster only. Not available for CoolBoy.※Not available for Cool Boy.Cool MasterA product born in the USA, allsafe went a step further and developed this cold partition to meet Japanese industry requirements and introduced several variations to adapt to the Japanese method of cold transport.Center Fold Type with Front FlapSplit Type with Front Flap10

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