Sling BeltPursuing power and safetyCost-free printing of your company nameand manufacturing dateallsafe’s sling belt is “triple layered” structured. This structure guarantees strength and safety of the product. The belt thread is made from "super strong polyester," the best material for sling belts using allsafe's original technology for textile product manufacturing. The belt is stronger in terms of suspension, extension, permanence, water-resistant, weather-resistant, and antiseptic features.That's allsafe's powerful sling belt. Not only is the material of the belt tested for its strength of suspension and extension by the manufacturer, but it is also tested and examined as a nished product (belt assembly) through quality testing before sales. Therefore, quality is completely guaran-teed. At various work sites, allsafe's sling belts are used for lifting or hoisting anything that is heavy. Therefore, quality is completely guaranteed.※The working load varies depending on usage mode. Please use it with the maximum working load.※Please use corner pads to protect the belt when you slide or hang sharp objects.Light blue belt is 25mm-50mm width. Orange belt is 75mm-300mm width.● Hanging● Working load< Safety factor 6 >Lifting belt sling ensures power and safety.HangingWorking loadHanging angleMode factorー1StraightStraightBreaking StrengthChokeChokeα=0°2α≦45°BasketBasket1.845°<α≦90°1.4JISB8818 CompliantJISWidth(㎜) 0.8 tttttttttttttttttt 1.25 1.6 2.5 3.2 5.0 6.3 8.010.0ttttttttt0.641. 1.44 2.25 2.88 4.5 5.76 9.011.314.418.0ⅢE- 25ⅢE- 35 ⅢE- 50 ⅢE- 75 ⅢE-100ⅢE-150ⅢE-200ⅢE-250ⅢE-30025355075100150200250300ttttttttt 1.12 1.75 2.24 3.5 4.48 7.0 8.8211.214.0 1.6 t 2.5 t 3.2 t 5.0 t 6.4 t10.0 t12.6 t16.0 t20.0 tー0.8ααCost-free printing of your company name and manufacturing date.Company name and manufacturingdate can be printed on the beltAdvertise your company by printing your company name or logo on the belt. Also, simplify belt management just by visual inspection of printed manufacturing date on belt.Printing service available only in the following sizes: 25mm/35mm/50mm belts with lengths of 2m or more5.17.6510.215.3 19.3830.640.851.061.2ttttttttt7

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