Decking BeamLoad restraint without necessity of rails.Innovative design which givesideal tension withoutdamaging track body.Wide adjustment range ofup to 450mm for more flexibility.Cargo Stay(Tension pole)CGS-55S/MO/NMaterial: Aluminum※We also offer lengths shorter than 2000mm. For orders, please specify your truck's internal dimensions.Lock FunctionDecking Beam1,550~1,8201,780~2,0502,000~2,2702,220~2,490Range (mm)DB-SSDB-SDB-MDB-L7. Aluminum (alumite finish) Load Capacity (loading/ blocking): 450kg / 900kgWith the lock function, channelassembly is secured inside the beamwhen not in use, providinggreater ease and safety in operation.HandgripLock FunctionLock FunctionCost-free printing foryour company's nameDeck Mini1,600~1,7701,750~1,9201,900~2,0702,050~2,2202,200~2,3702,310~2,480Range (mm)DM-SSSDM-SSDM-SDM-MDM-LDM-XL3.,850~2,3002,100~2,550Range (mm)CGS-55SCGS-55M4.75.2Weight(kg)DM-SSS~DM-XLO/NMaterial: Aluminum (alumite finish) Load Capacity (loading/ blocking): 350kg/700kgCompact and lightweight suitedfor female users.Ideal for 2-4 ton trucks.Compared toDecking Beam, it has aslimmer profile andis 50% lighter.HandgripLock FunctionLock FunctionL66.255827266.28248.460.0DBDMA variety of beams to suit your shoring and storing needs.Low noise mechanism for late-night or daylight hour operations.Designed to match a variety of work environments.Decking BeamCargo Stay(Tension pole)LockedFreeThe channel unit is equipped with lock functionality which prevents it from popping out of the beam when not in use. This improves safety and usability.The Deck Mini, a compact versionof the Decking Beam, is forlightweight operations bestsuited for female users.A push type version is alsoavailable designed for easyinstallation and detachment inelevated positions.Reliable load restraint without using track rails.Employs belt tension mechanism for tight securement.Wide adjustment range.PatentedPatentedCost-free printing foryour company's name294554011071L(使用範囲)8

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